Most importantly, what I love about Nick’s training is that I finish his workouts feeling GREAT - strong and balanced.
— Wyatt D.

Hi, I’m Nick.  I grew up in Arkansas playing every sport you can imagine (soccer, baseball, basketball, football, skiing, the list goes on) and even played a little soccer in college.  A back injury put an end to that and after years of physical therapy and chiropractic work I decided to take control of how my body was feeling and moving. More about that in a minute. 


Professionally, I started as a soccer coach -- coaching all levels from club and high school, up to college -- for ten years. Simultaneously, I worked in a Physical Therapy clinic. I found my coaching style unique as my focus was more on how my players moved than how they played the game. Perhaps not surprisingly, my players improved in their sport and were overall less injury prone as I focused my attention to their movements.


My work at the PT clinic served as my introduction to working with "the general public" as opposed to my athletes exclusively. I again found myself focusing on the most effective ways to train movement. As I have transitioned out of PT offices into Personal Training -- my focus has remained consistent -- how can people move better and enjoy moving in their bodies. 


What I have discovered is there is no "best". There are so many beneficial methods for training the body. My commitment is to always be learning and working to better understand how these various methods work, what is the best application for each modality, and when to apply what I've learned. Every body is unique. And so, you won't find me teaching one kind of workout. I'm not going to give you a template,ever. I will work to understand you, your needs and goals, and then I will apply what I know. Oh -- and you can be certain that I will almost always recommend moving outside, because I believe any dose of nature does the body good.