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Nick Harbert is one of the best trainers I’ve worked with throughout my athletic career. He is brilliant, well trained, and constantly learning to ensure he provides his clients with the best possible care. His training in Be Activated brings a unique element to his practice – he performs body assessments to understand individual client needs, and then develops tailored workouts focusing on functional strength, mobility, stability and balance. I am a triathlete and typically prone to injury, but when I’m training with Nick, my body remains resilient and injury free. Most importantly, what I love about Nick’s training is that I finish his workouts feeling GREAT – strong and balanced. Nick takes a holistic approach to fitness, and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.

- Wyatt D., Participant in the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships, avid skier and lacrosse player, Denver, CO


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I've trained with some of the best professionals in the industry and I feel so fortunately that I had the opportunity to train with Nick for almost two years. Nick worked with me to make sure my goals and needs were at the forefront of our training sessions -- building strength and flexibility while helping to improve my lower back stability. His passion for his clients is unmatched and his desire to continue learning makes him one of the best personal trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. 

- Kara Lynn Joyce, 3 Time Olympic Swimmer, Founder of LEAD Sports Summit, Atlanta, GA


“Nick is great. No movements that tear your body apart, everything slow and organic and a good calming approach to exercise. You get your body moving - and step by step you realize that you go farther and it’s getting a little easier than last week! 

Like a few other folks, I sit far too much during the work day. So the calm stretching with Nick is always like giving the rusty joints a good shot of oil. But, breathing is as well a big part of it, and I particularly like the “solar plexus awareness training” (well, my name, to his exercises, but feel free to use it - and try it out with him!). And then come the aerobics ...

Nick moved to Teton Valley, otherwise I’d surely qualify for the next Olympics in Parallel Bars or Synchronized Floor Exercises. But, heck, to have fun moving and pushing your body to its limits is already a lot, and I surely did it with Nick as a trainer!”


Christoph H. (No, not an athlete, but someone who loves to move and be moved!)